1. Any shooter wanting to compete at the NSW Trap Championships must be a registered member of the ACTA for the current financial year that the Championships are being held.

2. All competitors must register at the Events Office prior to competition, at which time they are required to produce their current Firearms Licence/Permit.

3. Shooters will be Pre Squadded - 5/6 shooters per squad (where possible) and any interpretation of this will be the responsibility of the Tournament Director. Pre-squadding list shall be published on the My Club My Scores App.

4. Each shooter is to take enough cartridges to shoot at 50 targets/100 targets. A time limit of two minutes will be imposed for the changeover for each 25 targets. Should the two minute time limit be exceeded then a penalty of the LOSS OF ONE TARGET may be incurred.

5. Shooters who fail to be at their squad on time will be required to shoot at a designated trap at a time suitable to management.

6. Should a shooter being late for his/her squad, then elect to withdraw from the event he/she will not be eligible for any refund of nominations paid.

7. All shooters should sign the score sheet after each 25 targets. Once a shooter has signed his/her score sheet they have accepted their score and grade. Any score sheet not carrying the shooters signature will be credited with the lowest score recorded.

8. All competitors will be called upon to referee and/or score throughout the period of competition. The persons’ designated to referee and score must fulfil their obligation to do so. Whilst replacement referees and scorers are permissible, the penalty (loss of one target) for their failing to officiate shall be made against the officially designated person. Failure to either referee or score will incur a penalty of the LOSS OF ONE TARGET in the next event. Should a following event not be programmed then the penalty of the LOSS OF ONE TARGET will be incurred in the event concerned.

9. Any unauthorised shooter interfering with or attempting to interfere with the trap will be penalised FIVE (5) TARGETS.

10. All disputes must be in writing together with $20 deposit, which is refundable subject to the appeal being upheld.

11. All disputes and deposits must be lodged with the Tournament Director, who shall arrange a hearing with the appointed jury.

12. For NSWCTA Team selection, any shooter who has a qualification score making them eligible for more than one section, must choose which section they will represent prior to shooting the teams event. A shooter may not represent more than one team.

13. Any eligible competitor paying nominations is entitled to receive awards in the Open section, Womens, Juniors or Veterans section, however the Overall winner cannot take any grade prize.

14. A minimum of three persons must compete in any Grade or Section, including High Gun before sashes, medals trophies and/or cash are awarded, irrespective of nomination paid.

15. Anyone participating in the practice of card playing at the NSW Trap Championships is expected to be considerate of the requirements of others, and the presence and behaviour of the card players must not cause inconvenience or disturbance.

16. An acceptable standard of dress applies as per ACTA rules. Executive Committee to adjudicate.

17. All Competitors must comply with Firearms Licensing Laws in their State of residence and in the State hosting the NSWCTA State Championships.

18. Squads to shoot 50 targets in one visit only to the traps. Squads are scheduled to shoot 100 target events in two visits to the traps.

19. Payment of the nomination fee only entitles the shooter to enter the event. Changes to the program including the number of targets shot will not be eligible for any refund.

20. Any interpretation of the program and conditions of entry will be the responsibility of attending members of the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final. The NSWCTA reserves the right to alter the program.

21. All refunds will incur a $10 refund administration fee.