Capital Assistance Loans are made available to NSW Clubs when financially possible by the NSWCTA. Contact the State Office for an application form and your club could get up to a maximum of $10000 by way of a low interest loan.

The following guidelines may be of assistance to you.

All funding will be on a $ for $ basis. I.e. if club requests $1000 loan, then they also must contribute $1000.

All funding will be subject to written application with supporting documentation, such as Council backing, landholder agreement, current Bank Statements, quotes etc.

Suggested Project:

(a)                Freehold land purchase

(b)               Machinery improvements (new traps)

(c)                Club amalgamation

(d)               Facility improvement (Club house, toilets etc)

(e)               Any other project as may be supported by the NSWCTA Executive.

For more information contact 02 69319980 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.