2018 ACTA Rule Book (Downloadable)

Rule Reminders

Contrary to the opinion held by some of our members, the following rules do apply to ALL shooters when participating in competition events, from Club level to Nationals, and not just for A, B and C graders.

Rule 4.10 (d) – Each competitor shall carry and present his/her current handicap/registration card at all shoots before they are allowed to participate.

Rule 2.01 (k) – If a competitor has lost his card he shall be allowed to compete providing he/she is registered with the ACTA. He/she shall be allowed to compete in his grade in common mark events and shall be allowed to compete in handicap events from the mark he claims to be his correct handicap mark. Should he win prize money or trophies they must be retained by the club until such time as the shooter presents his card for marking.

Rule 2.01 (h) – It shall be the responsibility of a designated club official to enter individual event scores and progressively mark the shooters card with his/her 15 metre results.

Rule 2.02 (a) – Each club must appoint an official to handicap and grade shooters, check to see that all 15 metre scores are entered on cards and to check that handicap and grade changes are recorded on cards.



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